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This department is made up with married men and those who are mature. They meet every second Saturday of the month to share ideas and ways of improving their role and duties in their homes, work place, and church and in the community.

God gave men the responsibly to provide to protect to care, and to love the family. Unfortunately some men are finding difficult to cope with pressure and challenges of life such as financial, relationship problem with their spouses, jobs instability and so on. As results, some men end up give up on their roles or quitting the family all together.



This is why the men of Divine Restoration Church meet to encourage one another, to pray together, to build friendship and relationship with mutual support.

Among the activities and programs of men include; Biblical debates on several topics including anger management, good parenting, fatherhood characters, and men of courage and so on.

They also meet for prayers, and other programs such as; camping, men’s outing dinner and annually men’s praise which takes place on Men’s day.

For details please contact 03 8759 1256