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Divine Family Care is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2012 in Melbourne Victoria with the purpose of helping members of the public in general and those in lower socioeconomic status in particular. With our motto “Caring for Humanity”, we are committed to offering our services to all individuals in need regardless of their religion, gender, culture, age, color or nationality because we stand for equity, equality, fairness and justice. We believe that people’s needs can range from physical to emotional, spiritual and Psychosocial needs and therefore our focus is on humanity as a whole.

Through a holistic approach, Divine Family Care assists people with basic commodities such as foods and clothing and extends to emotional and psychological counseling about conjugal and family relationships, youths and other people with various issues and needs.

The strategies include raising awareness, educating families and community members about implications of family violence and drug and alcohol abuse. We promote healthy lifestyles amongst refugees, migrants and other vulnerable members of our society to improve their health and increase their chances of settling successfully in Australia.

In addition, Divine Family Care organizes special events and programs such as music, drama and food sharing to bring community members together. The aim of these activities is to build social interactions, networks, mutual trust and friendship. It eliminates barriers related to different cultural backgrounds, improves confidence and bridges the gap between socioeconomic strata.

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